Prayer Meeting

St. Francis Assisi Church, Kakkanad

Every Wednesday
Noon: 12.45 PM to 01.45 PM
Evening: 06.45 PM to 08.00 PM
Jithin: 8547340133

Night Vigil

CST Generalate, Kakkanad

Third Fridays
Evening: 08.30 PM to 12.30 AM
Sony: 9539691392

Rosary Night

St. Nicolas Church, Padamugal

First Thursdays
Evening: 07.00 PM to 12.00 AM
Dijo: 9746355795

Intercession and Mass

Rajagiri chapel, Kakkanad

Every Monday
Evening: 07.15 PM to 09.00 PM
Dijo: 9746355795

Street Birds

St. Nicolas Church, Padamugal

Every Wednesday
Evening: 08.30 PM to 11.00 PM
Jerry: 9562747847

Movie Screening

Rajagiri hall, Kakkanad

Evening: 07.30 PM to 09.30 PM
Shon: 9037813082

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6 pillars

Personal Prayer

A daily ‘quiet time’ with the Lord leading to an experience of the companionship of Jesus, enables one to have a joyful attitude in daily life

Word of God

A regular time for a meditative reading of the Sacred Scripture helps one to seek God’s guidance and shape his life according to God’s will

Sacramental Life

Frequent and active participation in the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation contributes to a life of wholeness and strength and are integral to a person’s growth in holiness


Christian life, a call to live the life of the Trinity in communion with one’s brothers and sisters in Christ through mutual support, encouragement and gentle correction, is an important element in the movement


Personal renewal in Jesus leads to a commitment to share the person and message of Jesus with others. This commitment to evangelisation is central to the life of every Jesus Youth

Option for the Poor

Following the footsteps of the Master who brought the Good News to the poor, Jesus Youth stretches out a helping hand to those burdened with poverty and deprivation

Reach Out

Shinto Mathew